Albert Ramirez Ortin is a Director of Photography and freelance Colourist. He was born in Barcelona and started working in the industry over 20 years ago.

20 years is a long time but instead of falling into a routine or becoming disinterested, the effect has been quite the contrary;

He still has the same passion and enthusiasm for his profesión which, mixed with huge experience, and a positive, quick and decisive personality, mean he faces each new project as a unique challenge and of maximum importance.

He brings his wide-ranging skills and creativity to each project and commits himself 100% to its development.

Albert has worked for many production companies throughout Spain and others from the UK, France and Germany. His work has taken him to : USA,Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Morocco, France, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. He is available to jet off to anywhere in the world at short notice.

He has shot Corporate videos, TV and web Adverts, Documentaries, Music Videos, TV Promos, Short films, Video Art, etc.

In a wide range of formats, cameras and resolutions from 5K down to HDLSR

Some of the clients Albert has worked for are Henkel, Nestlé, Bacardí, Font vella. Dettol, Duward, La Caixa, Axa, Puig, Institut Dexeus, Mitsubishi, Seat, Nissan, Honda, Saab Panrico,Red Bull, Revlon, MRW, Isdin, Audi, Ikea, Altaya, Intersport, and O2.

Oh and he also speaks English fluently!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or for references.

Thanks for your visit!

Montage of some of Albert's work. You can see more on
his Vimeo channel, which is regularly updated.

Seeing changes that the human eye is unable to see in a short period of time is definitely something magical.

This is one of Albert’s specialties and he is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for all kinds of timelapse photography, either static or shoot-move-shoot using a dedicated 3-axis motorized dolly.

More and more frequently, footage must be processed before it gets to editing

And who can do this better than the person who previously shot the footage?

This closes a circle as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Using DaVinci Resolve Albert can manage a full color correction of his own footage,
or third party footage, delivering everything in the requested format.

Feel free to ask for a video demo , or a live demo...

A complete list of the professional gear he owns is at your disposal.

Please contact Albert for more information, as the list regularly changes with new acquisitions.

Please note that equipment is for wet hire only. No dry hire available.

Albert Ramirez Ortin

Cell: + 34 629 286 420

skype: albertramirezortin